The procedure of editing data on Dropbox.


1: Make the course empty.
2: The applicable file on Dropbox is replaced or edited.
3: Press the sync button.
4: Make ManyTime app reboot.

Reboot after erasing the app from the memory, when there are the following
bad conditions.
a: The sync progress dialog is displayed for a while, and although it seems
that the data downloaded, it is not displayed on the table view.
b: Henceforth, even if the sync button is pressed, the sync progress dialog
will disappear immediately.

If there is no change after restart, try the following steps.

1: After copying the file on Dropbox, delete it from Dropbox.
2: Press the sync button.
3: Reflect the copied content to the new file on Dropbox.
4: Again, press the sync button.

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